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Christie Lötter
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Hallo, my name is Christie and I would like to welcome you to our website.

I finished school in 1991 and went to University the year after to study Computer Science. 3 Years later I was working as a shareholder in the family business.
I have always liked new challenges and I was always looking for new things to take on or things which I can improve on.
As with many of today's Commercial Coin Operators, I accidentally got involved in the Coin Operating Business when I bought a Pub. I bought 2 Pool Tables for the pub and the rest as they say, is history.

A few years later I realized that there were a lot of shortfalls in the way some of the standard machines worked. This is how we started building our own Electric Pool Tables.
The Coinplay Jukebox:
I first got the idea to try and develop a Video playing jukebox in 2002 and at first we tried to use a 10 DVD Kenwood Shuttles on an exciting jukebox platform but I soon realized this was not the way to go and the best way was to go fully digital.

I eventually found someone on the net who had then just started with a software based audio jukebox and I followed his progress and in 2006 I pitch in and started backing the project and helping him were I can.

In 2006, video and karaoke support were added and eventually I found myself building skins and finding innovative ways to improve the jukebox. In February of 2007 we started commercial on-site testing of the Jukebox and it was a huge hit until RiSA closed us down for the second time. (Yeap...   That's me)

Work on the jukebox was suspended for more than a year after I was forced to use a RiSA approved system. By the end of 2009 work on the Coinplay jukebox commenced again after being frustrated with the stability and issues experienced with the system we used at that time.

In 2010 we applied for a RiSA licence and by this time we were working full time on the project. The development of the Operators and Admin Software also started the same year.

From 2010 we were creating software magic and development were at a very fast pace. Twenty thousand lines of code later and we are so far ahead with the Coinplay system that our competitors are trying to catch up with us by trying to copy our innovative features.

Stability will always be a number one priority when we develop new software for our jukebox.
What sets us apart from most manufacturers and developers is that we still operate Jukeboxes in Pubs and other types of venues, thus we know what works and we are sure that the Coinplay Jukebox are miles ahead of anything else on the South African market today and probably one of the best Jukebox systems in the world.

Development on the Coinplay Jukebox is an ongoing process and we are very excited about all the latest features we are working on which will result in yet another big leap forward for our valued customers which will give them a huge advantage over there competitors.
Welcome to CoinplaySA and the best Jukebox in South Africa. New machines and products coming from the end of the year. Watch this space for more info.