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Some of our amazing features explained.
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- The Coinplay Jukebox Software is the most stabile system on the market today.

- No need to operate with vouchers or online connectivity.

- Seperate Audio, Video and Karaoke libraries.

- Random play function for playing background music at a lower volume.

- Scedule system where you can set a time for the jukebox to shutdown, scedule different volume levels
     for a specific time or even scedule a happy hour/freeplay to draw customers to the venue.

- Very easy and fast navigation to find your favourite music.

- All the music on our system is set to the same volume.

- Quickjumps on the tracklisting page to quickly jump to albums of the same artist, genre or year.

- We have an Alternate tracks section to show a specific track by different artists.

- Request track function lets your customers ask for music which are not on the jukebox.

- Easily edit the music or the genre/year of a track or album.

- Generate extra income with extra functions for the user at a higher cost.

- Our jukebox can by used with a touchscreen, buttons, trackball or touchpad.

- No limit on screen size for the main screen.

- A Newly Added feature lets the customer quickly see the lastest music on the Jukebox.

- Customise the look of the jukebox using different skins.

- The jukebox has a Calender Skin function to change the skin or look of the jukebox by date.

- You can use the main screen for showing videos or connect a second screen to the jukebox to display

- Music can be sorted or filtered by genre, year or artist.

- You can display Fanart on the background of the Tracklisting and Play Options pages.

- You can view the back cover of an album.

- Access to the World Charts directly from the jukebox.

- We have a Playlist function where the user can build a playlist from music on the jukebox.

- Intelligent/predictive search function.

- Search by Artist, Track or Album to quickly find your favourite music.
Limited areas still available in South Africa.
Please note that we only supply to well established Commercial Coin Operators. Supply is subject to approval.
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Christie Lötter
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Welcome to CoinplaySA and the best Jukebox in South Africa. New machines and products coming from the end of the year. Watch this space for more info.